Established in 1989


At MPMA, environmental sustainability has always been a priority. Our Corporate policies strive to create a positive impact on the environment. We follow policies such as Pollution Prevention (P2), Resource Conservation, Zero Waste to landfill, Waste reduction, Emission & Discharge Reduction, Responsible consumption, Responsible Waste management, Advocacy On Environmental Sustainability.

Over the years we have planted more than 1,000 trees at our centres and also participate in frequent plantations in efforts to give back to our environment and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Our CSR policies strive to improve the welfare of not just our society but also focuses on environmental sustainability.

Agriculture is a deep rooted activity in MPMA’s family and our dedicated agri-team focuses on cultivations and the welfare of our fellow local farmers.

As a part of corporate ethics, we follow a strict Non-Discrimination Policy throughout all our activities and training.