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Steel fabricators
Steel fabricators

This is a special trade wherein we train from the concept of marking to the assembly of different segments in a project. A skill in Interpretation of drawings and cutting precisely the plates and fitting the plates according to the job profile is imparted step wise. The tenure for training this trade is 40 days. We use Mild steel plates from sizes 6mm to 12mm for marking, cutting and assembly exercises. We use D.A (Dissolved acetone) for igniting the cutting torch with oxygen cylinders for easy and free cutting. Besides imparting cutting torch cutting using freehand we impart also the use of PUG machines for precise cutting of steel plates. Additional Rigg exercises also imparted for moving the plates and finished projects. Internationally adhered “ASME” Trade specifications are followed in this trade. We cater 15 booths at a time for both training and testing under each shift for precise learning. And the consumables used are same as the welding trade.

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