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Road Worker
Road Worker

Road workers pave and maintain roads and other surfaces such as runways, parking areas and pathways. They remove topsoil from road areas, lay bitumen and concrete, apply gravel, stone chips or asphalt to tar surfaces, dig up road surfaces to lay cables or pipes, and compact and smooth road surfaces. They also direct traffic through construction areas, clean work areas, and load and unload equipment into and out of vehicles. They also construct and dismantle safety barricades around work sites. Road workers work all over the state, from the busy freeways that run through Perth, to country roads in isolated areas.

Road workers work on roads, highways, bridges and other structures designed for vehicular traffic, as well as on the sites of new roads or pathways. They are required to work in most weather conditions. They usually work regular hours, but may be required to work at night to reduce the impact on traffic conditions. They are often required to travel locally to building sites, and may work on a different site every day. Conditions may be hazardous and road workers are often required to work within strict safety guidelines.

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