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About us

Multipurpose Manpower Agency is a vibrant human resource group, engaged in the identification, training and deployment of skilled personnel in top organizations in Singapore and multinational companies in Malaysia and UAE. The company holds licenses and approvals from the Indian as well as Singapore governments. 

Commencing operations in 1989, the organization has established an efficient system of processes and infrastructure to facilitate the supply of highly equipped manpower to client companies on the basis of their specific requirements. In a decade and a half, the organization has dispatched several thousand qualified personnel to innumerable companies. 


To evolve as a world-class provider of effective and result-oriented global work force, capable of exceeding the very highest standards of human resource skills which turn out the best in terms of qualitative output of goods and services. 


MPMA has set for itself the objective of making a substantial contribution to the welfare of its clients and the well-being of its trainees. On the one hand the company will constantly aim to help clients achieve higher revenues, lower cost outages and consistent growth. On the other hand the company will seek to enhance living standards of its trainees by offering them skill upgradation, result-oriented training technologies and the capabilities for self development. We continuously strive to become the preferred source for employment and human resource services. 

India - The Manpower Fountain Head 

With the advent of industrial liberalization and consequently, globalization of the economy, the Indian labour force surged into international attention. The country has a value-based culture with focus on knowledge and the acquisition of professional expertise. Coupled with a government policy that threw open the doors of education to private enterprise. Indian youth have been rendered eligible and available for the kind of employment that demands the highest standards of performance. 

Therefore, academic excellence and on-the-job experience together with the time-tested characteristics of hard work, dexterity, skill, dedication and unflinching loyalty have contributed in creating a demand for the sterling Indian work force around the world. 

Chennai - The Labour Capital 

Multi-purpose Manpower Agency is located in the southern Indian Metropolis of Chennai, the industrial hub of the region. With literally hundreds of engineering colleges, polytechnics and industrial training centers in and around Chennai alone, the city contains within itself some of the most qualified personnel in the world. 

In addition, MPMA draws its recruits from various other centers around the south as well. 

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